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M.ART – is a platform where new ideas are born!

Our goal – is to create a communication platform for annual meetings of a student community with recognized russian and foreign practitioners from the scientific, cultural, governance and business spheres. This makes possible to involve ambitious students into the discussion of current tasks and industry problems. It is also a collective search for applied solutions and groundwork for the implementation of joint future projects.

Our mission – is to help practitioners find new ideas and applied solutions to problems, at the same time to help students to pave the way to a successful career.

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About the project

Participating in the M.ART project students will be able to:

  • Get practical experience on a real project
  • Show creativity
  • Meet a potential employer
  • Establish themselves as competent professionals
  • Interact with experienced mentors and get a dream job!


What does M.ART offer to professionals in their field?

  • A fresh look at specific issues
  • Substandard approach to project tasks
  • Solution of the personnel issue

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How does it work?

step 1

Students who filled in the questionnaire and passed pre-selection are welcomed to the workshop.

step 2

The speaker introduces a practical challenge to students and sets a specific task.

step 3

Students split into teams to find a solution to the given task and prepare the presentation of their projects.

step 4

Those students who have prepared the most impressive project have a unique opportunity to take an internship!

M for Master - a specialist who has acquired high skills in the field of his/her specialisation

Art - a high level of skill, profound knowledge of the matter, a system of methods and techniques to put into practice

Art is an ability to combine


The painter combines colours, shapes and meanings

The writer combines words and images

The musician blends sounds and rhythms

The manager mixes methods and means


M.ART is a place where everyone can become an expert in the preferred field.


Мастер-класс от Cosmoscow


18 мая МГИМО
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Мастер-класс от Ассоциации Галерей


26 апреля 16:00 МГИМО
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Past events

Reviews, information and photos from past events

Мастер-класс от ДОМ.РФ
Мастер-класс от Cosmoscow
Мастер-класс от Ассоциации Галерей
Мастер-класс от ДОМ.РФ
Мастер-класс от Cosmoscow
Мастер-класс от Ассоциации Галерей

Become a speaker

We invite managers, entrepreneurs, representatives of government agencies, scientific and cultural organisations to take part in the project!

You may propose a task relevant to your organisation, which will be solved by the student community, introduce participants to the history of the issue, as well as goals and results already achieved.

The project also includes a series of lectures on certain areas of professional activities: in this regard, we welcome initiatives from those who want to share their experience with the young generation of future masters.

Download the methodological guide for the speaker